An Introduction to the Celtic Wheel.
A year-long self-led programme

Chances are you are a Wisdom Seeker if ….

  • You are being nudged to live from a deeper place
  • You are curious about the indigenous wisdom of the Celtic world
  • You feel a resonance to the Celtic world and its mythology
  • You want to know more about the Celtic Wheel and maybe start to celebrate the Celtic festivals
  • You would love to work with a map that is both mystical and practical, to help navigate your life


As we journey through the Wheel in 2019/2020 you will receive videos and worksheets that will guide you through the changing themes and energies of each season.

Samhain – Winter Solstice – Imbolc – Spring Equinox – Bealtaine – Summer Solstice – Lughnasa – Autumn Equinox

Mari has given me the tools on how to perfect the art of being a Celtic woman. She helps to chisel out the hidden feminine and hammers out stark realities in a calm, revealing manner. Suddenly, you begin to realize you have sculpted a fine Venus of yourself from within. It's a renaissance of your hidden potential marbled out of Celtic mysticism and the unbowing female divine.

Maura, Venezuela

You will receive

  • An Introduction video on The Celtic Wheel
  • 8 Seasonal videos: The Celtic Wheel starts with the festival of Samhain (October 31st) . Every season you will receive a video in which I will guide you through the themes, mythology, folk traditions and rituals of that festival
  • Worksheets for each festival that will help you to explore the wisdom, themes, gifts and challenges of each season and apply this ancient wisdom to your contemporary life



One Time
  • Video on The Celtic Wheel
  • 8 Videos on each Festival/Season*
  • Worksheets guiding you

* The Celtic Wheel starts in October and the first video will be sent out 1 week prior to the Wheel starting

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Live more aligned to your soul’s purpose and create your own mythology

If you have any questions, please email me on info@thecelticwheel.com
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