As a Wisdom Holder you will journey through the Celtic Wheel marking the 8 festivals and seasons with live calls, teachings and rituals.

You will be part of a web of women around the planet gathering to celebrate the festivals together, to support each other and stepping up to live the wisdom of our Celtic ancestors in your particular corner of the planet.

Over 12 months, as we journey through the wheel you will learn to work with your innate wisdom, recover your buried intuitive feminine, and bring your healthy on-purpose masculine online

As your guide, your teacher and mentor I will invite you to access, own and trust your wisdom.
I will share my experience, my learnings and the inspirations from my own sacred Heroine’s journey of the past 14 years.
I will guide you with an ancient map that holds soul medicine for our time.
I will connect you with a web of women who hunger for the same things you do, who share many of the same challenges and desires, and who will walk along side you as you each take your place as wisdom holder and who are wanting to step up share and who will support you.

Chances you are a Wisdom holder if…..

  • You are kickass competent and a ninja at spinning multiple plates in the air; you get things done but you feel like you’ve sacrificed your soft juicy succulent feminine in all the doing
  • You are done with feeling out of balance,tired and wired
  • You’ve forgotten how to stop or to say no
  • You sometimes feel lonely, sometimes empty and have a longing to live from a deeper place, personally and professionally
  • You are in a place of questioning, trying to make sense of loss, uncertainty, chaos or feeling stuck
  • You are drawn to the mysticism of Ireland and the Celtic world
  • You want a regular place to go, a structure and framework, where you can learn, experiment and practice deeper ways of being in the world
  • You want sisterhood

As a Wisdom holder working with the Celtic Wheel you will

  • Embark on the 21st Century Heroine’s journey to reclaim your buried feminine nature and bring your healthy masculine aspect online.
  • You will learn to unapologetically take up your place as a wise woman in the world, skilfully working with your deeper feminine and healthy masculine
  • Bring practice, ritual and sacredness into your everyday life
  • Reconnect to the bigger cycles of nature and the cosmos
  • Have an ancient map to work with that is both practical and mystical
  • Be part of a tribe of women connecting, supporting, learning and growing together
  • You will contribute to creating a new world as the wisdom holder that you are

This year has opened my being up to so many changes far beyond any possible expectations. The power of connection to myself, the land, others. My comfort zone has shifted greatly for the better. I now apply aspects of this wisdom into my work with young people and the impact is beautiful. I'm forever grateful.

As a wisdom holder you will receive...

  • 8 live calls with me and the web of wisdom holders - one at each festival to connect, learn, share and celebrate together with a ritual
  • A recording of each call in case you cannot attend on the day.
  • Video and worksheets with the teaching for each of the eight festivals / seasons
  • Three emails with teachings on the themes and mythology of each season
  • Each season you will receive 3 home practices relevant for that season - meditations / inquiriy / embodied practices
  • Membership of a closed Facebook group with regular Facebook Live each season


Wisdom Holder

  • 8 Live Calls with Mari
  • Video and Worksheets
  • Bi Weekly Teaching Emails
  • Bi Weekly Home Practices
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Wisdom Holder

  • 8 Live Calls with Mari
  • Video and Worksheets
  • Bi Weekly Teaching Emails
  • Bi Weekly Home Practices
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

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