The Celtic Wheel


This is a year long ONLINE IMMRAM (a Celtic soul journey) through all 8 Sacred thresholds of the CELTIC WHEEL. 


This is the DEEPEST WAY to work with me. I will be your guide.


An IMMERSIVE, INTERACTIVE learning exploration + embodiment of the Celtic Wheel in COMMUNITY with other women drawn to this lineage.

TRIBE is for you if:

You want to gather with other women where you can explore, learn and practice the deeper sacred ways of the feminine in a contemporary way.

You are kick ass competent, a ninja at spinning multiple plates in the air, you get things done but you feel like you’ve sacrificed your soft, juicy feminine in all the 'doing'.

You are done with feeling out of balance, tired and wired, depleted and disconnected, exhausted and overwhelmed.


We will gather around our virtual campfire for 13 calls throughout the year in a regular gentle rhythm of spiralling in together. 

  • 8 Festival Calls to share ritual + ignite our personal and collective wisdom
  • 4 Deep Dive Calls to deepen into celtic Consciousness through mythology + archetype + space to share or listen 

  • 1 Final Circle into Spiral Call to consciously complete our Immram 

*Recordings provided.




Before and during each festival you will receive materials to help prepare you for the festival and new energies of the season.

  • 1 week before each festival you will receive 3 videos, audios  + a detailed worksheet to prepare for each sacred threshold

  • Every 2 weeks you will receive a short wisdom weave reflection related to the theme we are working with . 
  • Woven in through the year you will receive a number of practices of remembrances - Immrams in nature, guided meditations, embodied practices  personal enquiry practices


You will have access to a  Membership Area where all your materials, call recordings and resources will be housed and available through-out the year

You will also have access to a private curated community platform (not a Facebook group) where you will 

  • Meet and connect with other sisters in the tribe

  • Share your learnings and your wisdom as you journey

And the best thing is... it's all in one place. 

"I was unprepared for the immense depth the Celtic Wheel has offered my experience of life...

The transformation and remembrance through the Wheel is utterly astounding. As a perpetual student and mystical seeker of ancient wisdom and belief systems, my whole life, I was unprepared for the immense depth the Celtic Wheel has offered my experience of life. Mari guides and teaches with grace, knowledge, wisdom and authentic powerful service. The Wheel is the tether and vessel from which my entire spiritual life is now held and experienced through. So deeply and abundantly grateful to Mari and her team for the awakening and offering of my soul's remembrance." 

Stephanie, USA, 19/20 and 20/21 Cycle

I'm Mari, I will be your guide.


My passion is evolution, in particular women, and our relationship to wisdom, power and beauty at a time between worlds.

I have dedicated myself to reweaving the healthy feminine and healthy masculine in my own life. I reconnected the myths and wisdom of my Celtic ancestors and at the same time discovered Integral Theory (Ken Wilber).

That had a profound effect on how I was choosing to live as a woman.

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2022/23 Theme and goddess guideBRIGIT


2023 is a special year for Brigid here in Ireland. She will finally take her rightful place as female patron saint of Ireland with a new annual public holiday on February 6 in her honour. 

We will spend the cycle of the Wheel exploring the many faces of Bridget in Celtic Consciousness.  

Dolores Whelan, our Elder in Residence, will bring us the wisdom of Bridget throughout the cycle. 




Image credit: Courtney Davis 


Becoming shamelessly sovereign inspired by the Goddess of Sovereignity in the Celtic tradition 


An evolved and ancient way of being with each other as women, as sisters as allies.  


We step onto the path in service to our evolution as women and to a new world emerging through us.

"It's laughter and tears. It's joyousness and sitting with what's painful. It is the divine feminine in all her beauty and all her chaos."

The Celtic Wheel has been a homecoming. It is a blueprint for navigating both the inner and outer terrain. I see myself in the myths and stories of the Celtic people. I feel a reverence for nature and her passage of time. The sisterhood and community in the Celtic Wheel is unlike anything I have experienced. It's all things. It's laughter and tears. It's joyousness and sitting with what's painful. It is the divine feminine in all her beauty and all her chaos. My journey on the Wheel has changed my life. How I organize time. How I understand my own shifting tides. The ways I give myself grace and the ways I challenge myself. I truly cannot wait to sign up for another trip around the Wheel.
- Morgan,2021/22 cycle 


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