The Team

I'm Mari Kennedy, I will be your guide

THE CELTIC WHEEL found its way to me in 2011 when I was in a very challenging and desolate place. For the preceding five years my life was in a constant state of flux, uncertainty and loss.

In April that year my father was dying. I now know that the Celtic Wheel was his passing gift to me. It happened in a mythic moment of broken-heartedness in the auspicious Hazel Wood forest in Sligo in the West of Ireland.

A month later I met my teacher in this tradition, Dolores Whelan, a true Carrier of the Flame of Celtic Consciousness for the past 30 years in Ireland.

I had taken Celtic studies as an archaeology undergraduate in University but it was years later, through the Celtic Wheel that I became a true apprentice to the Celtic tradition.

Reconnecting with the wisdom of the Celtic Wheel profoundly changed how I approached my life. It helped me to make sense of the challenges and loss. It showed me the value and beauty of the ebbs and flows, the fallow and the fertile times.

It taught me to trust the falling apart. It demanded that I own my radiant power as a woman and live aligned to my Soul.

It offered me a map of how to reclaim and lead from my inner feminine through rhythms, cycles and nature and so find a gentler, wiser and more fierce  way to live.

It connected me to the mystical in a very practical way.

This is why I created this body of work. This is why I lead women.

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Dolores Whelan

Celtic Wheel Lineage Holder and Elder-In- Residence 

Author, teacher, spiritual guide, healer, way-shower and pioneer; Dolores Whelan has blazed a trail in her lifetime to provide a potent understanding of the value of ancient wisdom and ignite appreciation for Celtic spirituality and the waning traditions of indigenous Ireland. Bridging worlds ancient and new, she has forged new paths and opened old ways.

Dolores is not nostalgic about ancient times and traditions; however she seeks to explore how this ancient wisdom can form the basis of a value system upon which a new society can be built. She believes this is a crucial task for our time.

Dolores will be joining us in TRIBE. Throughout our journey she will transmit her deep knowledge and wisdom as one of Ireland's  leading authorities and an oracle on Bridget. 


If you would like to journey through all of the 8 festivals with me as your guide in the company of a tribe of great women on the same path. 

You will be part of live ritual calls, deeper dive calls, teachings and practices that will help you embody indigenous Celtic wisdom and weave it into your life. 

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For those who prefer to journey  with a self-practice at their own pace through all eight of the Celtic festivals.

Before each of the eight festivals, you will receive videos, audios and worksheets that will inform and guide you.

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