The Celtic Wheel


This SELF PACED and SELF LED exploration of the CELTIC WHEEL is for you if:

You are being nudged to live from a deeper place

You are curious about the indigenous wisdom and mythology of the Celtic world

You would like guidance about how to celebrate the Celtic festivals

You would love to work with a map that is both mystical and practical, to help weave ancient wisdom into your life

I will guide you through the THEMES AND ENERGIES of all eight festivals with VIDEOS AND WORKSHEETS.

Festival Materials 


Before each festival you will receive materials to help prepare you for the festival and new energies of the season -  Video, audio and worksheets. 

Materials include festival videos and audio recording, worksheets and practices for each festival. 


Membership Area


You will have access to  a Membership Area where all your materials and resources will be housed. 


"The Celtic Wheel and its innate wisdom equipped me with the tools to get to know myself again having spent 10 years having and caring for small kids alongside full time work. This wisdom is something I believe will stay withe me for life, helping me to connect better with myself and to live less anxiously and much more purposefully. I am so glad I took the chance on something that was so unlike anything I had done before. A brilliant experience, one I will cherish forever."


- Sarah 2021/22 Cycle

I'm Mari, I will be your guide.


My passion is evolution, in particular women, and our relationship to wisdom, power and beauty at a time between worlds.

I have dedicated myself to reweaving the healthy feminine and healthy masculine in my own life. I reconnected the myths and wisdom of my Celtic ancestors and at the same time discovered Integral Theory (Ken Wilber).

That had a profound effect on how I was choosing to live as a woman.

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"Mari is completely authentic and brings alive the Celtic Wheel in a way that I don't believe anyone else would achieve. The course itself shows you another way to live in this world, in tune with the seasons and shows you how you can have seasons within seasons. I wasn't expecting the sense of belonging and kinship that I found and it is life changing to belong to such a widely spread group of wonderful female wisdom holders across the world”


- Helen Meath 2018/2019 Cycle

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