This is a year-long introduction to the Celtic Wheel. It is a self-led programme exploring each of the 8 festivals in the Celtic year.

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Mari has given me the tools on how to perfect the art of being a Celtic woman. She helps to chisel out the hidden feminine and hammers out stark realities in a calm, revealing manner. Suddenly, you begin to realize you have sculpted a fine Venus of yourself from within. It's a renaissance of your hidden potential marbled out of Celtic mysticism and the unbowing female divine.

Maura, Venezuela

The Celtic Wheel Level I is for you if ….


As we journey through the Wheel in 2020/2021 you will receive videos and worksheets that will guide you through the changing themes and energies of each season.

Samhain – Winter Solstice – Imbolc – Spring Equinox – Bealtaine – Summer Solstice – Lughnasa – Autumn Equinox

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