The Celtic Wheel



We celebrate eight festivals throughout the cycle of a year. These ritual thresholds include 4 earth festivals (cross quarter days) and 4 solar festivals (solstices and equinoxes).






A guide to our journey through  The Celtic Wheel 2022/2023 cycle.


The festivals are celebrated on different dates by different traditions and schools.

The dates below outline fixed and astrological dates in the 2022/23 cycle.

The 4 cross quarter days each have both fixed and astrological days on which they are celebrated. They remain the same each year. 


All dates are in Irish time (UTC+1). (Astrological dates source:


Fixed Samhain: October 31

Astrological Samhain 2022: November 7 

  • Cross-quarter Festival
  • Ritual threshold of Winter
  • Celtic new year 
  • Earth Festival 
  • Doorway into the Giamos (dark) half of the year 
  • Feminine principle becomes dominant

Lifeforce descending into the earth

Death and Darkness 

- Soul Initiation -


The challenge: Loss, death, disruption

The invitation: Letting go, shedding, surrendering

The gifts: Reclaiming our buried feminine

The wisdom: All beginnings start in the darkness

The movement: Descent into the fecund darkness

Mythology/ archetypes/ symbols: The Cailleach (the Crone) and the Mórrígan

Image: Philip Pilz Unsplash

Winter Solstice

Astrological Date 2022: December 21 

  • Ritual threshold of midwinter
  • Solar festival
  • The rebirth of the solar masculine from the dark earth 
  • Feminine Principle is dominant

Dormant Earth 

Longest Night, Shortest Day 

- Dark Night of the  Soul -


The challenge: The dark night of the soul

The invitation: To rest and trust the emptiness and darkness of the void

The gifts: Resurrecting our deep feminine intelligence, illumination of our Dán (Soul destiny) 

The wisdom: the mysterious potency of the luminous darkness 

The movement: Dormant stillness 

 Mythology/ archetypes/ symbols: The Cailleach(the crone), The sun/son child, the womb, the winter solstice wreath, the Christmas tree 

Image: filip Zrnzevic Unsplash 

"A touchstone... a safe space"

"Mari has led us through the Celtic wheel with grace, care and humor. Who knew we would be living within a pandemic. The Web of women, led by Mari, has been a touchstone, providing me with community, a safe place to feel, share and learn! With the guidance of Celtic Wheel wisdom I let go of several things that were not serving me and developed new skills! Mari creates a warm, no pressure to participate and travel at your own pace environment! I am looking forward to continuing travelling with Mari, through another Celtic Wheel year!"

- Patricia US, 2019/20 and 2021/22 Cycles

Imbolc / Imbolg


Fixed Imbolc: February 1st  

Astrological Imbolc 2022: February 4

  • Ritual threshold of Spring
  • Cross-quarter Festival
  • Earth Festival
  • Feminine principle is dominant, subtle stirrings of masculine 

The Earth Awakening From Dormancy 

- New beginnings -


The challenge: Slow intentional emergence 

The invitation: Gathering our energy, tending the seeds of our Dán

 The gifts: Strengthening the  potency of our feminine 

The wisdom: The power of focused intention, staying inward, and discernment

The movement: Emergence, awakening 

Mythology/ archetype/ symbol: Brigid, Fiery Arrows, Brigid's Cross, Fire and water 

Image: Mohammad Zeeshan Upsplash

Spring Equinox

Astrological date 2023: March 20

  • Ritual threshold of mid Spring
  • Solar Festival 
  • Feminine principle dominant, a strengthening solar masculine 

A Quickening, Life Force Rising

- The dance of opposites -


The challenge: The creative tension of opposites 

The invitation: Commitment to our Dán, our Soul's deepest purpose 

The gifts: Manifesting from the fertile dance of the opposites 

The wisdom: Beyond polarity, the alchemy of manifestation, ‘the third thing’

The movement: Rising upward 

Mythology /archetypes/ symbols: Brigid, Fiery Arrow, Infinity sign, Vesica piscis

Image: Josie Weiss, Unsplash

"Mari and her team are full of wisdom that modern women require to thrive... 

My journey on the Celtic Wheel has been one of the best investments I have made. 

Tuning into this Celtic wisdom resonated with me deeply and has changed what I notice in nature. I now live more aligned with the Celtic Wheel which has given me a greater rhythm both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend this journey to anyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Sinead 2020/21 Cycle 


Fixed Bealtaine: May 1

Astrological Bealtaine 2023: May 5 

  • Ritual threshold of  Summer 
  • Cross-quarter Festival
  • Earth Festival
  • Doorway into the Samos (bright) half of the year
  • Masculine principle  is dominant

Budding And Flowering

Expanding Into Full Potential 

- Sovereignty -


The challenge: Taking risks to expand outside our comfort zone

The invitation: Sovereignty, to lead with the feminine, execute with the masculine 

 The gifts: Masculine in service to our feminine 

The wisdom: Living from our sovereign centre 

The movement: Expansion 

Mythology/archetypes /symbols: Goddess of Sovereignty, King, Queen,The Fifth Province, The Sacred Marriage

Image: Lauren Mcconachie, Unsplash

Summer Solstice

Astrological date 2023: June 21

  • Ritual threshold of mid Summer
  • Solar Festival 
  • Masculine principle is dominant 

Full Blossoming. The Sun At Its Zenith 

- Shining Powerfully -


The challenge: To blossom open fully claim our power 

The invitation: To inhabit our true power and vulnerability in moments of glory 

The gifts: Rising rooted

The wisdom: The vulnerability of full blossoming and shining 

The movement: Radiating

Mythology/ archetypes/ symbols: Áine Sovereign Goddess of the Summer, the sun at his zenith 

Image: James Day, Unsplash

I have been craving a held space like this"

"I have been craving a held space like this! To me the Celtic Wheel is a journey back into alignment with my own and natures rhythm. Mari masterfully guides us toward remembering how to access our own wisdom and sovereignty."

- Simon 2021/22 cycle 



Fixed Lughnasa: August 1

Astrological Lughnasa 2023: August 7 

  • Ritual threshold of Autumn 
  • Cross-quarter Festival
  • Earth Festival
  • Masculine principle is dominant, tempered by the feminine 


Ripeness And Abundance

Reaping what has been sown

- Harvest -


The challenge: Appreciate the abundance of the harvest, to reap what has been sown 

The invitation: Take time, pause to celebrate the abundance and bounty of the harvest 

The gifts: Increasing our capacity for joy, craic and pleasure, owning our gifts 

The wisdom: Joy and sadness co-arising as aliveness 

The movement: Pulsing 

Mythology/ archetypes/symbols: Lugh, the Samhaildánach (many gifted one) and his foster mother Tailtiú

Image: Markus Spiske, Unsplash 

Autumn Equinox

Astrological date 2023: September 23

  • Ritual threshold of mid-Autumn 
  • Solar Festival 
  • The final harvest 
  • Masculine principle dominant with the feminine strengthening

Bountiful Harvest From The Earth 

The Leaves Turning 

- Integrating the Opposites -


The challenge:  Intentional completion

The invitation: Make time for endings. Prepare for the transition from fertility into the fallow and the deepening spiral

The gifts: Integration of the polarities as the masculine yields to the feminine

The wisdom: The power of conscious completions in a cycle that never ends

The movement: Pausing to  complete 

Mythology/archetypes/ symbols: The cutting of the final sheath, circle into spiral, Infinity symbol

Image: Jill Dimond, Unsplash

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