Live Webinar  Workshop


An ancient new map for the 21st century Heroine's Journey 

Many women all over the planet, are finding ourselves on the Heroine's Journey at this time between worlds. Our work is to wisely gently and fiercely dismantle, dissolve and unravel the patriarchal myth and structures within us and around us. The Celtic Wheel is one map for that evolutionary journey. 

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What you will learn: 

The Celtic Wheel as a Map

3 ways the Celtic Wheel of the Year offers us a practical and mystical map for the 21st century's Heroine's journey of reweaving the feminine and healing the split with the masculine internally and in the world around us. 

Silver Branch Perception

Understanding this deep feminine way of  knowing and perceiving. The gift of Silver Branch Perception is bestowed on those willing to take the soul journey of the heroine. 

A Ritual Enquiry 

 As we approach the threshold of a new Celtic year, Mari will guide us in Circle into Spiral personal enquiry and ritual to prepare for completing this cycle and entering the new cycle at Samhain 2022.

Join me,  

Mari Kennedy 

Founder of the Celtic Wheel, Gatherer of Women Globally, Guide, Mentor, Coach, Integral Facilitator, Yoga, Meditation and Embodiment Teacher