My Backstory

THE CELTIC WHEEL found its way to me in 2011 at the start of my heroine’s journey, when my father was dying. I now feel that it was his passing gift to me. That moment happened in the auspicious Hazel Wood in Sligo in the West of Ireland.  A month later I met my teacher in this tradition, Dolores Whelan, a true Carrier of the Flame of Celtic Spirituality for the past 30 years, in Ireland.

Working with the wisdom of the Celtic Wheel profoundly changed how I approach my life. It  helped me to make sense of the challenges and loss. It demanded that I own my power as a woman and live aligned to the blueprint of my soul

It connected me to the mystical in a beautifully practical way. It showed me how to leave the corporate world and create a business rooted in my soul. It has connected me to my true self.

Living with an awareness of the cycles of the wheel I began experiencing life from a deeper more sacred place. More than anything the Celtic Wheel has taught me how to integrate my soft receptive feminine with my kickass on-purpose masculine.

Wisdom and women are at the heart of my work.  I have devoted the last 15 years to the study of ancient and contemporary wisdom and what it is to live as a women in at this time. 

I believe every woman living today is a repository of deep wisdom. 

I  activate women’s innate wisdom and power as a force for good in the world.  In the last decade have worked with hundreds of women all over the world as a teacher, coach, mentor and facilitator.

This is my souls work. 

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