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The Celtic Wheel is a year-long online course for women who want to weave ancient wisdom into their contemporary lives and live more intentionally and on purpose.

  • Are you always on, overwhelmed and exhausted with no time for you?
  • Have you lost connection to your soul, the deepest part of you?
  • Have you found yourself trying to make sense of loss, uncertainty or the chaos of this time?
  • Have you recently heard yourself thinking "Is this it?" or “something’s got to change” , but ignored it and poured a glass of wine instead?

But there’s also this wise voice inside of you saying that there has to be another more nourishing soulful way to live as a woman. The world is changing and so are you.

You want to live from a deeper place, you want to live intentionally, you want to embody your soft intuitive feminine to help balance that competent always-on ninja part of you that has you exhausted and overwhelmed.

I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been there myself. I’ve felt lost, overwhelmed and in a place of questioning, but let me tell you this…


I have dedicated the past 14 years of my life to exploring and embodying what it means to live as a conscious empowered woman in today’s world. The Celtic Wheel has been central to that journey of reclaiming my life.

Imagine weaving ancient Celtic wisdom into your life, that will reconnect you to your soul, guide you to live from that deeper place and connect your soft wise feminine with your kick-ass on-purpose masculine.

We are all wisdom keepers at a soul level but we have forgotten that because our wisdom has been covered over by our busyness and our conditioning.


The Celtic wheel is the calendar handed down to us from our Celtic and pre-Celtic ancestors. Our Celtic ancestors were rooted in the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. In today’s strive-drive-linear culture we are living disconnected from these natural rhythms. 

This can often leave us tired and wired, feeling fragmented and exiled from our soul.  The Celtic Wheel opens up the possibility of being in the world in a different more easeful and nourishing way.

Celebrate eight festivals

As we journey through the Wheel together, we will celebrate each of the festivals with ritual and practices that help us work with the changing themes and energies of each season. Samhain - Winter Solstice - Imbolc - Spring Equinox - Bealtaine - Summer Solstice - Lughnasa - Autumn Equinox

Access an ancient map that holds soul medicine for our time

"The people who created and lived by this calendar, understood life as an alternation of opposing forces, night and day, winter and summer, darkness and light, that constantly inter played with each other.”​


By stepping onto the Celtic Wheel at regular intervals throughout the year, you will be consciously disrupting your routine living. As you mark the 8 sacred thresholds you will have the opportunity to pause, take stock and have support to make changes to your life. You will also connect with a web of women throughout the world embarking on the same journey.


Ignite the deep wisdom that resides in you. We will access 3 sources of wisdom: the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, contemporary evolutionary wisdom and the intuitive wisdom you hold so you can live with more discernment, ease and on-purpose.
Embark on this 21st century Heroine’s journey through the Celtic Wheel. Resurrect your buried feminine and reclaim your healthy masculine so you become more intuitive, dynamic, clear and sovereign.
Become part of a web of women around the world who are taking their place as wisdom keepers in their families, communities and in their work; a sisterhood of women who support and inspire each other to be more real, sovereign and authentic so together, we can weave a new world into being.
Bring the power of personal and collective ritual into your life as we follow the cycle of seasons. Every 6-7 weeks at each festival, we will step out of our linear lives, pause and celebrate the threshold with ritual so you learn to trust in your deeper essence and inner authority.
Reconnect with the land and mother nature at this time of crisis on our planet. Come back into relationship with it's sacred intelligence which will resource you and nourish you. Connecting with nature in the way our ancestors did is an act of personal activism. You will become more grounded, stable and feel more empowered to take inspired action in the world.
Learn to become a skilful mediator of polarity and opposite forces in your life – feminine and masculine, darkness and light, interior and exterior, loss and achievement, joy and sorrow, power and disempowerment. Learning to dance with the opposites you will become more resilient and available to your life.
We will draw on the mythology of Ireland . We will explore the sacred sites, the thin places, the Gods and Goddesses, the heroines and heroes that live in Celtic consciousness so you live more aligned to your soul's purpose and create your own mythology.
Experiment with both ancient and contemporary wisdom practices that will help you live and embody the wisdom of each season. Start a practice or deepen your daily practice through the year to help free you from old habitual compulsive patterns that are keeping you small.

Live more aligned to your soul’s purpose and create your own mythology

"Mari is one of the greatest teachers I have had the great fortune to spend time with. She is unafraid to hold both the light and dark. There is room for all of it. In these times we are living in, to me Mari embodies the energy that is so needed to elevate and live truly authentically.”

-Carrie Anne Moss (USA)


There are 3 ways for you to journey with me into the 2019 / 2020 Celtic Wheel Cycle, each with a different level of engagement.

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Level 1

Journey through the Celtic Wheel at your own pace throughout the year with videos and worksheets.


Level 2

Journey through the Celtic Wheel with me as your guide. Join a web of women around the world to celebrate all 8 festivals. Includes live calls, rituals and practices.


Level 3

An immersive, interactive coaching program with me and a small group of Wisdom Carriers that dives deeply into the Celtic Wheel.

"It's hard to put words on how The Celtic Wheel has changed my life, but it has. In the last 7 months I've found myself with a new tribe of women to share with and call on. I've felt myself becoming unapologetically me, asking for what I need and standing in integrity when things got tough. Beginning to connect with ancient wisdom with Mari's guidance and the support of an incredible tribe is a game changer.”

- Ruth McKenna, Dublin Ireland


THE CELTIC WHEEL found its way to me in 2011 when my father was dying. I now feel that it was his passing gift to me. That moment happened in the auspicious Hazel Wood in Sligo in the West of Ireland.  A month later I met my teacher in this traditionDolores Whelan. Dolores has been a true Carrier of the Flame of Celtic Spirituality for the past 30 years, in Ireland. 

Working with the wisdom of the wheel has profoundly changed how I approached my life. It has helped me to make sense of the challenges, embrace the darkness, losses and disruptions in my life. It has shown me where I am stuck. It has demanded that I take risks and shine. It has connected me to the mystical in a beautifully practical way. It showed me how to leave the Corporate world and set up my own business in a skillful wise way. It has connected me to my true self.

Living with an awareness of the cycles of the wheel I began experiencing life from a deeper more textured place. This process has opened me into the rich dimensionality of life and cycles. More than anything the Celtic Wheel has taught me how to inhabit my soft receptive feminine and take up my clear on-purpose masculine. 

I began to use this wisdom and framework in my coaching, in my yoga retreats, in facilitation and in my creative projects. It is so powerful. 

As well as being a wisdom teacher I am an Organisational Development and Wellness Consultant, a Leadership Coach, Integral Facilitator, Retreat leader, Mindfulness Trainer, and Yoga Teacher. I am passionate about the future of women, the future of work and the future of society and curious about how we can weave ancient and evolutionary wisdom into the fabric of the future. You can find more on marikennedy.com

During our year together I look forward to sharing more on how this wisdom has shown me that it possible to be high performing and fully feminine as a woman.

"The first time I was introduced to the Celtic calendar it made sense at a gut level. As someone in business I relied too heavily on my cognitive skills. The Celtic calendar reminded me that I had other, equally powerful tools at my disposal. Every time I dive into this work with Mari, I move closer and closer to my vision for my life and my work.”

- Annette Burns Young, Dublin Irleand

If you have any questions, please email me on info@thecelticwheel.com
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