A year-long journey of RITUAL and PRACTICE for women who want to do the SACRED WORK of the FEMININE 





Mari Kennedy 


we are weaving ancient and new wisdom into our world


Resurrecting our forbidden feminine and retrieving our healthy masculine
Reconnecting with ritual and the rhythms of nature 
Re-enchanting our world with the lost wisdom of our ancestors.

In a time between WORLDS




You are longing to live more deeply 
You are done with feeling disempowered and depleted 
You know in your depths you have a deep mystical heart 


This is your SOUL'S CALL

 2022/23 CELTIC WHEEL Program 


Doors open once a year. Doors close this Saturday October 29 at 6pm (Irish time). We begin our journey on November 7.

The Celtic Wheel was the ritual calendar handed down to us from our Celtic and pre-Celtic ancestors. The ancient people of Ireland were rooted in the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. The land was honoured as feminine and they deeply understood the interconnectedness of all things.
The Patriarchal era of hyper-masculine, strive-drive and progress at all costs is dying around us.
We, as women have a part to play in rebirthing the new world. 
Going back to retrieve your innate lost wisdom and power is part of that rebirthing. 

The Celtic Wheel is an ancient wisdom map and Immram (mythic soul journey) that radically shows us how to shift the paradigm. We learn to  gently weave the feminine back into our lives and heal the split with our inner masculine.
Here in THE CELTIC WHEEL we inhabit three sources of wisdom:

There are two ways
to journey with me..



If you would like to journey through all of the 8 festivals with me as your guide in the company of a tribe of great women on the same path. 

You will be part of live ritual calls, deeper dive calls, teachings and practices that will help you embody indigenous Celtic wisdom and weave it into your life. 




For those who prefer to journey with a self-practice at their own pace through all eight of the Celtic festivals.

Before each of the eight festivals, you will receive videos, audios and worksheets that will inform and guide you.


What the WOMEN say:

"I feel kinder, more generous and braver than I did this time last year."

"Mari, your teaching and wisdom has changed my life path. I go deeper into myself with each spiral of the Wheel and with each turn I see new aspects of myself and different perspectives of the world around me. This wisdom has been woven into my life now and it feels like home."

Ruth, Ireland | 2018 - 2021/22 Cycles

"The best investment in myself I’ve ever made."

"The Celtic Wheel changed my life in the most profound way. Learning how to live through the cycles, surrender, allow, trust, and navigate the energy allowed me to connect with my own inner wisdom to live the life I’m here to live in alignment with the universal energy."


Anne Marie, Ireland | 2021/22 Cycle

The Eight Pillars of our Journey


Pop-up CELTIC WHEEL events

Throughout the year we will also be hosting pop-up events; some in-person gatherings, some additional online workshops, masterclasses and intensives. 

Our inaugural event is happening on November 19:

WINTER SCHOOL : Entering the Dark Feminine

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