with Mari Kennedy

A Call to live deeper

We are in a time between worlds, the old one is collapsing and the new world is emerging. The Feminine is no longer just rising. She is roaring.

– Are you trying to make sense of the crisis?
– Have you found yourself wondering what is your place in all of this?
– Are you in flux – sometimes hopeful, at times despondent?
– Are you longing for community and being in circle with like-minded women on the same path

But there is also a part of you that knows that this crisis is a call to change, a call to live more deeply, from the inner sacred. From a soulful place.

Somewhere inside, you know that this is a time to gather with other women to do sacred work of the feminine. Because deep down you have a mystical heart.

I'm so glad you're here. I know because I've been there too. A decade ago, the wisdom of my ancestors, in particular the Celtic Wheel, helped me to make sense of loss, death & uncertainty; helped me let go of a life that was not serving me and transform it into one that was aligned to my soul.

Here at the Celtic Wheel we are a community of maidens, mamas and elders from all walks of life, from artists, civil servants, teachers, dreamers to stay at home mamas who know they have sacred work to do.


The Celtic Wheel 20/21 is a year-long journey designed for women who want to activate their feminine wisdom and their sovereign power so they can live in more balance while in service to the new world emerging.


The Celtic wheel is the calendar handed down to us from our Celtic and pre-Celtic ancestors. Our Celtic ancestors were rooted in the rhythms of nature and the cosmos and the interconnectedness of all things. 

The world of strive-drive over-culture is collapsing around us. We as women are exhausted living that way. The Celtic Wheel is an ancient map that can help bring women back into balance and into our sovereignty,  so we can spin a new world into being.

"Mari is one of the greatest teachers I have had the great fortune to spend time with. She is unafraid to hold both the light and dark. In these times we are living in, to me Mari embodies the energy that is so needed to elevate and live truly authentically."

— Carrie Anne Moss, USA

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Level I

You will journey through the Celtic Wheel at your own pace. 

At each festival you will be receive videos and worksheets at each of the 8 festivals.

Level II

You will move through the 8 festivals of the Celtic Wheel, on a transformational learning journey with me, my team and a community of women on the same path. You will receive live calls, teachings and practices that will help you embody the wisdom and weave it into your life.


Access an ancient map that holds medicine for this profound time of transformation

"Mari holds a very safe and sacred space and holds the web of women so gently as we move through the rhythms and cycles of the seasons of the Celtic Wheel. I felt so supported and held inwardly and outwardly by Mari and this group as we explored all the ups and downs."
- Petra, Canada

The Team

Mari Kennedy

Founder & Celtic Wheel Wisdom Teacher

THE CELTIC WHEEL found its way to me in 2011 when my father was dying. I now feel that it was his passing gift to me. 

That moment happened in the auspicious Hazel Wood in Sligo in the West of Ireland. A month later I met my teacher in this tradition, Dolores Whelan, a true Carrier of the Flame of Celtic Spirituality for the past 30 years, in Ireland. 

Reconnecting with the wisdom of the Celtic Wheel profoundly changed how I approached my life.  It helped me to make sense of the challenges and loss. It demanded that I own my power as a woman and live aligned to the blueprint of my soul. 

It connected me to the mystical in a very practical way.

Lydia Campbell

Celtic Wheel Way Shower

I remember sitting in my first Celtic women’s circle at Samhain 2011 and recognising that I had actually always lived by the ebbs and flows of earthly, seasonal wisdom and simply never realised it before. My soul exhaled as it felt the permission to dare to live another way. Since then, listening to my ancestors’ wisdom through my 21st century heart has helped me make (some!) sense of life cycles, creativity, death, energy flows, time, shadows and to stay in service of the earth as it moves through this emergence-see we are collectively in.

My LinkedIn profile says that I’m a businesswoman, integral facilitator, psychonaut, business coach, mentor, trainer, healer, homebirther, doula and while I absolutely love all these identities and ways of showing up in the world, I also feel like I’m none of them. Some days I simply long to see what the next evolving breath feels like.

I live in the Wicklow mountains with my young son. Of all the teachers I’ve had, being his mum is the greatest learning experience of them all. You can find out more about me on lydiacampbell.co 

Christine Schnell

Celtic Wheel Way Shower

Finding the Celtic Wheel has felt like coming home and has empowered me to take my life into my own hands without being afraid of what’s to come. I’ve always been on a search…Search for meaning, belonging and purpose. The journey was filled with depression, anxiety and fear of living my life. Since discovering the Celtic Wheel and working on embodying the teachings my life doesn’t look the same in the best way possible. I am on my way to becoming the woman I’ve always meant to be with a sovereignty I didn’t know I had in me. I navigate life very differently to before I found the Celtic Wheel and am firmly rooted in the knowing that everything moves in cycles and I no longer have to fear anything life throws at me.

I now unapologetically embrace many facets. A student of many ancient traditions, Hawaiian and Celtic, a bodyworker, yoga teacher, inquirer, sacred artist, techwizard and coach. I’m currently working on bringing my own program to life to help Highly Sensitive People like me, navigate life.
You can find out more about me on tineschnell.com

Dolores Whelan

Celtic Wheel Guest Elder

Dolores Whelan is an educator, author and spiritual guide within the spiritual and mythological tradition of Ireland. She is passionate about the protection of sacred landscapes and the
celebration of ancient Celtic traditions.
Dolores has been involved with education all her adult life. For the past 30 years as an educator and spiritual guide in human and spiritual development recovering the wisdom of the ancient spiritual tradition of this land She is author Ever Ancient, Ever New – Celtic Spirituality for the 21st Century (second edition 2011), She is a contributor to Celtic threads ( 1999) The
Quite Quarter Anthology (2009) and Of Constant Heart (2010) and Brigit Sun of Womanhood (2013)
Dolores Is a cofounder of the Brigid of Faughart Festival www.brigifoffaughart.ie and a cofounder of the Brigid’s Way walking Pilgrimage www.brigisdway.ie 
See www.doloreswhelan.ie for details of her current work

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