We celebrate eight festival throughout the years. This includes 4 earth festivals ( the cross quarter days) and 4 solar festivals( the solstices and equinoxes).


Because Everything Starts in The Darkness
October/ November (Fixed day: October 31st)

  • The return of winter - the void
  • The beginning of te giamos (dark) half of the year
  • Descent and surrendering into the darkness
  • Reclaiming our buried feminine
  • Letting go and death, not knowing, discomfort
  • Loss, disruption, uncertainty
  • The Cailleach, the crone

Winter Solstice

The Dark Night of The Soul
22 December 2019

  • Deep winter - the return of light
  • Surrendering to the longest night
  • Dreamtime and visioning
  • Infinite possibilities
  • Listening and allowing our deepest desires to emerge
  • The wheel turns : the moment that the Summer solstice is born


Dwelling in Possibility
Early February (Fixed day: February 1)

  • Return of Spring - awakening and emergence
  • New seeds
  • Discernment and boundaries
  • Working with Intention
  • Focus on our dreams and fiery arrows
  • Brigid Goddess, Maiden and Saint

Spring Equinox

The Dance of Opposites
March 20 2020

  • The dance of the masculine and feminine
  • Working with opposites
  • The third thing - beyond polarity
  • Lifeforce rising - masculine energy
  • The alchemy of working with desires and fears

The Celtic Wheel is a journey that will expand your understanding of the Celtic Wisdom and Ways.The year long course shares the knowledge which is so needed in today world to restore balance in beings and the planet. Learn a way of living supported by nature - in community. My year on the Celtic Wheel has grounded me - opened my thinking and deepened my knowledge of the power of the Celtic Wisdom and Traditions. Thank you Mari- for sharing your wisdom.Your knowledge and sensitivity has been a true gift and inspiration

Maureen, Wicklow


“For everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing” Galway Kinnel
Early May (Fixed day: May 1st)

  • The return of summer - blossoming and expanding
  • The beginning of the Samos (light) half of the year
  • From bud to blossom - growth edges and potential
  • Masculine arising from the deep feminine
  • Self-compassion, taking action and risk
  • Sisterhood - gathering your allies
  • The God Belous (Bright Shining one) and Brigid the mother

Summer Solstice

Shining in Full Power and Potential
 June 20 2020

  • Shining bright in - the apex of the summer
  • The feminine in service to our healthy masculine
  • Masculine and feminine power sources
  • Succulence and fullness
  • Harnessing the power of the sun in the first harvest of healing herbs
  • Áine Goddess of love, the sun, fertility, water, summer and sovereignty
  • The wheel turns : the subtle turning back towards darkness


The Rite of Harvest
Early August (Fixed day: August 1st)

  • Harvesting and celebration - the annunciation of Autumn
  • Reclaiming celebration, appreciation and our capacity for the radical practice of joy
  • Beyond polarity: the ten thousand joys and the ten thousand sorrows
  • Owning our gifts
  • The masculine tempered by the feminine
  • Lugh, hero and the many gifted one, Tailtiu the Goddess of the Harvest

Autumn Equinox

Pausing Before Going Deeper
September 22 2020

  • Integration of feminine and masculine
  • Beyond the world of opposites
  • The final harvesting of our learnings
  • The art of pausing and completions
  • Deepening the journey - circles, spirals and labyrinths

“Mari is completely authentic and brings alive the Celtic Wheel in a way that I don't believe anyone else would achieve. The course itself shows you another way to live in this world, in tune with the seasons and shows you how you can have seasons within seasons. I wasn't expecting the sense of belonging and kinship that I found and it is life changing to belong to such a widely spread group of wonderful female wisdom holders across the world”

Helen, Meath

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